Durable Safe Bright Personalised Dog Lead

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Durable Safe Bright Personalised Dog Lead

 The Pet Obsessed Durable Personalised Dog Lead (Clip-On) is:

  • Made in Australia
  • Customisable to feature both yours and your dog’s name or what ever text you would like!
  • Made of strong nylon
  • A superb quality dog lead
  • Enhances Safety
  • Available in a choice of 7 colours

Every pooch deserves its very own personalised dog lead – and with the Durable Personalised Dog Lead from PetObsessed, you and your furbaby can strut around town with both your names emblazoned on this stylish nylon lead!

The Durable Personalised Dog Lead (Clip-On) is crafted out of strong material and features an easy-to-grip loop handle – perfect for enthusiastic canines that love to take their humans for a run! Plus, the Personalised Dog Lead is great for clipping on to dog harnesses and collars.

Enhances safety, if your dog goes missing whilst your on one of your adventures with your fur baby.

There’s no bond like the one between you and your pup, so why not embroider the love onto your personalised lead!