Dog sleeping styles

  • Curler dogs

    The nose to tail sleepers who prefer this curled up protective sleep style.

    If your dog is a curler dog, look for a sofa or bed which has a more rounded or curved back shape.

    For example, the Chocolate Indulgence sofa or the Reversible Princess Pink bed, which fosters their natural instinct to feel protected while curling up in it to sleep.

  • Stretcher Dogs

    Pups who choose to stretch out on their bellies, backs or sides to sleep.

    For Stretcher Dogs who like to sprawl out while resting or sleeping, you will want to look for a sofa which has more length, across the front.

    For example, the Velvet Luxury sofa or the Reversible fluffy bed would be ideal for the pups that love to stretch.

  • Leaner dogs

    Dogs who favour leaning their heads while sleeping on their sides.

    Many of our sofas are upholstered with low profile, extra cushioned arms, designed to offer a perfect place for those Leaner Dogs to rest their heads.

    For example, the Velvet Luxury sofa or the Sweetest Dreams Hexagon bed would be ideal for the doggies that love to rest their heads whilst sleeping.


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