Cancellation Policy

Interested in cancelling your Pet Obsessed subscription box?

We're so sorry to hear that you want to cancel your subscription! We'll be happy to help you out, of course. Just e-mail us at with your request to cancel and we'll take care of it.
Could you do us a favor before you go? We are always trying to improve our services - so if you could take a moment and mention why you want to cancel your box in your e-mail to us, we'd appreciate it! We promise you won't hurt our feelings - we really want to know so we can improve :)
If you have a multi-month subscription (3, 6 or 12 months):
Once your subscription ends, it will roll over onto a month to month basis.
If you wish to cancel, please just email, at least 14 days before your next payment is due.
Cancelling your box before your subscription ends will only stop an auto renewal occurring. This means you will not receive any more boxes once your nominated subscription terms has ended.
You will still receive all of your remaining boxes. For example:
If you signed up for 6 months and cancelled during the 3rd month, you will still receive 3 more boxes.
If you would like to not receive any more boxes (e.g, leaving the country), please let us know and we will stop further boxes going out. However you will still be charged for the remainder of your contract.
Many thanks
From the Pet Obsessed Team