About Us

At PetObsessed we strive to provide a wide range of quality superior pet products for dogs and cats. With the convenience of our online store, purchasing things for your beloved pets has never been easier.

We at PetObsessed believe that keeping your pet happy is our number one priority, and we will continue to work to ensure that you as well as your pet, loves our products.

As the happiness and health of your pet is our priority, we have a vet on board to ensure that the products we create and offer, are of the utmost quality and will benefit your pet.

Our employees at PetObsessed are passionate pet owners themselves and our drive is to bring quality pet products to make your best friend happy, “Because we love them”. 



Meet the team:


Alex: "I have always had furry animals, mainly cats and dogs. My animals have always been my best friends and have always been there for me, during the trials and tribulations of life growing up.

A year ago, my wife and I started our own family and got 2 puppies ourselves (Eddie and Lizzie). The dynamics of my relationships changed. Instead of being a brother, I became a father and a man of responsibility. Through this I saw needs, wants and frustrations for my babies that were not out there or difficult to find. As the happiness of my family is a priority I decided to venture into the pet world and provide everything that is needed for a healthy and happy pet.

Your pet’s happiness is extremely important to us here at PetObsessed and if there are any issues please do not hesitate to get in touch. I hope you love the products as much as we do!"



Benji: "I’ve always had animals my entire life. Starting off with hermit crabs and rabbits I was one of the kids who had to beg my mum to get a dog and she finally gave in. However, eventually turned into 2 dogs not long after.

When I was 12 I started getting into reptiles and have been keeping snakes and lizards, I absolutely love reptiles. At the moment I have 3 bearded dragons and 3 pythons along with my 2 best mates, a 4 year old border collie named Panda and an 11 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Pepsi. I could not image my life without all my fluffy and scaly friends.

I am a qualified vet, due to my love of animals and generally PetObsessed. Recently I decided to take a different pathway and help pets be happy and healthy through giving your best friends the best quality products. I firmly believe in and trust our products will help contribute to your pets happiness for years to come. Any questions regarding the products or your pets will be happily answered and I look forward to hearing from you soon!"